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Book GroupsSarah Stonich - Book Club

  Visit your book group? I'd love to. Some authors request a  fee to cover thier time and travel to book clubs. I ask for something far more valuable, your opinions.

Book groups often don’t realize their power – when you express your opinions via online venues like LitHub, Shelfari, GoodReads, or LibraryThing, word spreads. Customer reviews and ratings on retailers like Barnes & Noble or Amazon are very helpful. Support your local independent bookseller whenever possible, but channel your opinions through the goliaths) ratings and reviews move books into the limelight in those online algorithms of "If you liked Olive Kitteredge, you'll love Vacationland”. 

If you and fellow members will agree rate or review any of my books online, I will happily visit your group of eight or more members. A review need only be a sentence long, a rating takes a single click. I count on your comments and ratings to let me know how I’m doing, so honesty is key – I only want the stars I deserve!

Click here to review:


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Vacationland was published as a paperback original to provide a more book group friendly option.

Suppoort the author by purchasing a copy of the book. I usually bring copies of my other titles so members have the option of reading my earlier books.

So, that's how we can do it. When your group actively participates, so can I!

An option for book groups outside the greater metro is to request that your local library invite me - in this way, my travel and time are compensated, plus, I can then visit privately with book groups either before or after the event, in the library, out at a cafe or a member's home.
See you at book group!

From HuffPost:

Book Club tips to keep authors coming to your book group.

KEEP the discussion on the book. You author isn't attending to hear group gossip or coo at pics of your grandkids. Make sure one of you leads the discussion to keep it on topic. Have some questions prepared.

DO buy the books - don't bring a library copy to the discussion. Show you support the author.

ASK What the author is reading; about the writing life. You have an author in your midst! Take advantage of their presence and knowledge

DON'T Ask the author to bring a dish or wine. Just don't.

CLUBBING OUT at a restaurant or cafe? Absorb the author's tab among the rest of the group.

SOME GROUPS Present the author a gift certificate or take a cash collection before the meeting. Remember even though it's a social event for you and your group, it's work for the author, and, time they have taken from their writing.


From Sarah:

Yes to all of the above, save the last item - reviews again, are far, far more valuable than monetary compensation!