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In her search for land to call her own - among tall pines and on a lake - newly single mom Sarah Stonich seeks a sense of permanence, a legacy for her son, and a connection to her heritage. Along the way, Stonich recalls family lore, meets remarkable characters, considers another go at love, and, finally, builds a cabin. But when her precious patch of land is threatened, she discovers that family is no less treasured with or without a piece of earth.

“Sarah Stonich shines in her intimate portraits of
the northern Minnesota experience. Her descriptions
of the natural assets of this region are as gorgeous
and detailed as a spider’s web at dawn.”

—Minneapolis–St. Paul Star Tribune

“At times an adventure story, a sweet
romance, and a laugh-out-loud monologue,
Shelter is an ode to family, homeland,
and Mother Nature.”

—Duluth News Tribune

“Through the story of her tiny cabin in the woods, Sarah
Stonich suggests that the truest sense of place may be
found not in the ground but in our hearts.”

—Michael Perry, author of Coop:
A Family, a Farm, and the Pursuit
of One Good Egg

Sarah Stonich talks about her memoir of making her own place in the woods: WTIP North Shore Community Radio




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